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David Wood, PCC
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1. Announcements/Offers
2. 'Use This Technique With Someone Important' (FEATURE)
3. The Personal Touch
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1. Announcements/Offers

Can you imagine being a fly on the wall…

For some of my very best coaching sessions from the last 3 years? Listening to a client have a powerful breakthrough? Or hear me mentor a coach on building a successful web site?

Even better - I’ve whittled them down to the power sections – some clips are only 1-5 minutes! Check it out here:

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2. FEATURE: Use This Technique With Someone Important!

Recently I had the privilege to read a letter my younger brother (24) wrote to my grandfather for his 90th birthday. I was astounded and moved to see how deeply and specifically my brother was able to acknowledge and appreciate our Pop.

We often tell people “you’re great”, or “I love you” (well some of us do!), or “I’m really glad I’m with you”. But how often can we explain why? Or what it is about them?

Before you read this very special letter below, pick someone important in your life, and have them in mind while you read it. Afterwards you will find an exercise so that you can apply this technique yourself.

‘Dear Pop Congratulations on reaching ninety years of age! It has been a long time since I used to come and stay for weekends with you and Nana - and I want you to know that I always enjoyed playing golf and cricket in the backyard, gardening and helping you with the car, the van or the house. Those are some of my happiest memories from growing up - I remember smiling a lot when being with you and Nana.

You have watched me grow up over the years and given me lots of advice. Some of this advice came in the form of the spoken word - other advice came in the way you led by example. All of this advice I have either taken on board or at least hope to one day.

Pop, you have taught me to be family oriented, honest, friendly and responsible, and have demonstrated that these qualities form the basis of a good person - and a good society.

You have motivated me to be a good person. Often when making decisions I think 'is this what Pop would do?' or 'I hope Pop would be proud' - this has probably saved me from making hundreds of mistakes. You taught me that it was good to do well at school and to take pride in achieving excellence - I guess you and Nana probably own a share in my degree!

Above all Pop, you have shared with me your love of cricket - a love not many people can understand. I cannot emphasise how much this means to me, and every time I watch or play cricket I recall your tellings of great matches and players, how to play certain shots, and if the bowler is bowling at a difficult length - move 12 inches outside your crease.

Lastly, I want you to know that you are my hero. I love you and I hope I can affect as many people’s lives in my time here as you have.

I hope you have a nice day Pop.

Love Andrew


(By the way, isn’t my brother the greatest?)

It’s likely there is someone in your life waiting to be fully acknowledged. If you’re willing, spend 5 minutes penning a short letter or email to someone who has made a big difference in your life. Don’t worry about getting it right. Just start writing and see what comes out. I then invite you to call them and read it out, or to send the letter.


(P.S. Feel free to zip me an email letting me know how you go)

3. The Personal Touch

Well – I got a part in the student short film, and shooting it was fun. Looking forward to the screening. Bronwyn’s now coming with me to impro classes – fun!

"Hello David, I wanted to share with you that I did this with someone very important. My grandmother, (through my dads second marriage-long story) is 90 yrs old today. We celebrated this weekend together as a family. Anyway I wrote her a letter, it seem to take only 5 minutes. It was so fulfilling for me to write this, the feelings of gratitude and satisfaction were tremendous for me. I have known her since I was in 3rd grade, I am now 33 yrs old and she is 90! She read the letter so quickly in front of me I was afraid she did not get the message....welll she did, at 90 she is very alert and a qucik reader. She looked and me and words were hard for her at that moment and she said "in my whole life no one ever gave me anything like this"...and we are not blood related, marriage only....But she is my grandmother in every sense of the relationship. I am so glad I got your idea in time to share with her the many memories that make her so special to me! Thanks for the idea...very powerful.

PS She shared this with family at the party and they cried as well. They got the message 100%! Cool Stuff...."

Warm regards, Christine


4. About the 'Create a Life You Love' Newsletter

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